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Smartphone Blogging | WordPress | Make Smartphone Money

If you have been following us for a bit than it is no secret to you that by far our most favorite mobile blogging tool  is no other than WordPress. Just look at the headline from their website which states: “Inspiration Strikes Anytime, Anywhere.” This is so true and is the grass roots of WordPress Smartphone Blogging, and smartphone blogging in general. When it comes down to it this is one of the core methods to make money with your smartphone as well. Keeping in touch with your audience while on the go is crucial as you must stay ahead of the competition and abreast of the evolution in your niche.


WordPress Smartphone Blogging

has been nothing short of powerful and robust as it completes everything you need it to do from anywhere in the world from any device. They currently offer up a free download of their full function app for Android and iOS users via their website however we have tested the use of the mobile version on BlackBerry as well and have had no issues. All Blackberry users need to do is visit their website and login as usual and the mobile dashboard is ready to get you posting, uploading images, inserting widgets, etc in no time. Welcome to WordPress Smartphone Blogging.

As you can see below the dashboard is definitely straight forward and easy to use. Whether you are on an android device or an ipad you will not have that lost feeling as the app has hugged it’s traditional web counterpart closely. There is no lag in the application either, so big thumbs up to the developers over at WordPress.  They have really done a great job. So now we are all logged in, let’s collapse the dashboard and see what’s involved in WordPress Smartphone Blogging. Not pictured are the standard Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools, and Settings options as well as any custom plugin options you may have.IMG_20150529_235536

Ready to start blogging directly from your smartphone? Simply select the Posts option, and then obviously “add new” this will open up the post editor we all love and know. Now you are ready to add content to your blog including media. If you look closely you will see that other than adding our own media from our smartphone, we also use the Pixabay plugin. Big shout out to Pixabay our favorite place to get royalty free images from a  repository for stunning public domain pictures. Visit Pixabay here: or get the WordPress plugin here: Pixabay Plugin For WordPress Just another sweet function of WordPress Smartphone Blogging, the collective efforts of programmers, bloggers, artists and just awesome people coming together to bring you the greatest of the web and the mobile web.


WordPress Smartphone Blogging makes blogging on the go a breeze even for newbies. As mentioned before your success in any niche  or market relies solely on your efforts to bring the goods. Content, Design, and New Angles on old Products. Smartphone Marketing is no different from traditional internet marketing, for you to succeed you need a base, then you must keep in contact with that base. You must bring them exactly what they are looking for and present it in a way that is easy for them to use. We are not the only ones who prefer WordPress as a web space or a home to our marketing efforts.  Google loves it as well look at some of the reasons why below: All of our


We are not the only ones who prefer WordPress as a web space or a home to our marketing efforts.  Google loves it as well look at some of the reasons why below:

  • Google does love SEO and WordPress allows you to pamper your SEO as well as dominate your competition in rankings.
  • Google does love text based websites – WordPress is text based.
  • Google does love logical hierarchy in websites especially in mobile and WordPress is designed logically with tons of mobile friendly themes.
  • Google does love the blog format – WordPress was originally created as the ultimate blogger’s tool! So WordPress Smartphone Blogging is no different.
  • Google does love mobile-friendly websites – WordPress can be designed as Responsive for all smart devices as it is now and will always be open source!

All of our social media outlets are simply an outreach of our blog. Not to say that they are not important simply just not as important.  On a scale of 1 to 10 our blog would be a 10 “most important” and our social media outlets would be a 9 “pretty damn important” you get the point. Show your blog love, don’t let the I don’t have time excuse run you out. All it takes is 10-15 min a day during luch or before bed. WordPress Smartphone Blogging is a powerful tool. So use it, best wishes!

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