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Smartphone Blogging | Twitter | Make Smartphone Money

Twitter is the perfect smartphone blogging tool dedicated to real time marketing. It’s 140 character limit puts micro blogging at it’s heart. Once again let me state that while most of the world knows how to use Twitter, this post is dedicated to those who have yet to use their smartphone to Tweet. It also will include some insights on how to use the social media platform to make money with your smartphone as well as some great tips for business success. This is also part of the post Mobile Blogging Anytime From Anywhere With These Tools. What I love most about Twitter is it’s Bootstrap simplicity. This makes the platform scalable to any device, not just smartphones. It is also a great platform for establishing yourself, growing an audience and making important marketing connections. So using your smartphone sign up or log in will you.


After logging in you will arrive at your homepage you will land on your home page. There are 4 tabs Home, which is obviously home. @Connect which is where you can find other users’ mentions and @replies to you and where you can see who’s interacting with your account and your Tweets. # Discover does just that, it discover’s content relative to your location – what you are into and top tweets from around the world. For now let’s just start tweeting. In the top right hand corner you will find the post or “tweet” button. Click on it to get your tweet on.


Now here what I was referring to in the simplicity, in fact it may appear different depending on your OS, but for me it literally only uses half the screen. And everything is pretty much self explanatory. Tweet, Cancel, Add a Picture and the lovely character counter. So you are limited to 140 characters (118 if you include a link, which will get shortened to a link) which is good because it keeps things rolling. Again smartphone simplicity, snap a photo, talk about it briefly and keep it moving. Hit that Tweet button when your ready.


Here are some tips for those of you using Twitter to make money with your smartphone via business promotion, affiliate marketing, and even starting or participating in social groups.

Dish out incentives for your followers. 
Don’t come weak. Give your followers some excitement and cheer them on along the way. This gets them involved and returning to see if you’ll extend the offer again.

Re-tweet about your followers.
Show them that you pay attention to them the same way they do you and this will establish a bond. They will try and do the same for you and that is golden in marketing. All all it takes is less than a minute using your smartphone.

Keep the conversations going. 
This is what I like to call the snowball effect. Anything, any tweet should be tossed around like a hot potato giving it the massive snowball effect gaining momentum as it rolls down the hill full speed. When done correctly this can have the viral effect that marketers thrive on.

Beware of the @REPLY

When you start a tweet with @ANYTHING like so:

@SOMEONE_ELSE how are you doing today? It will only show up on their account and your followers will not see it. Big marketing No-No. So always start the tweet with a Hi, Hey or Hello like so:

Hello there @SOMEONE_ELSE how are you doing today? Now everyone can see it.

Media is more than just for the eyes

When was the last time you read a book with absolutely no pictures? Well for me it has been a long time. I have to have pictures to stay awake otherwise I will be snoring. So use images and video a lot, they are the eye candy of the internet. Advanced tweeters be sure and put out a lot of call to action type tweets. Join the Make Smartphone Money Club Today! And remember when driving please wait until you reach your destination to use Twitter.

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