Smartphone Blogging | Facebook | Make Smartphone Money

Smartphone Blogging | Facebook | Make Smartphone Money

Facebook Smartphone blogging is a must have anyone with working thumbs. Ok now I know this may seem obvious to most, but believe it or not there are some users who really don’t know how to or why they would engage in smartphone blogging. And this is part of the post Mobile Blogging Anytime From Anywhere With These Tools. This is a minimized how to that is geared towards making money,  so let’s dive in shall we.

So the first thing you will want to do is log into your Facebook account, Then simply tap on the post button. Easy peasy right, everything works pretty much the same as it does on a computer but in simplified form for smartphone use. As you can also see adding photos with Facebook is just as easy, plus readers love images. All you have to do is snap a photo with your phone and upload it with your post! Now don’t get this confused with the camera in the right hand corner of the main page image. This is for uploading or updating your profile picture  or cover photo.


Once you click the post button you’ll be redirected to a simplified screen where you can quickly type your Facebook post from your smartphone. You can literally posts as much as you like and in fact we recommend you do so. Notice the 3 dots we’ve circled. Here’s a tip for novice and experienced facebookers that often gets overlooked. When you click on this, it will open up more options! See next image.


Smartphone Blogging | Facebook | Make Smartphone Money

As you can see below you will now have more options regarding your post like : Scheduling a Facebook post for a later date in time or filling time gaps by backdating posts. You can always save a draft if you’ve typed a pretty long post but aren’t yet ready to hit the button.  You can continue later on and post as normal.


So hopefully this will get those of you who aren’t yet taking advantage of modern smartphone blogging on board. There are many uses for using strategies to make money using your smartphone like business promotion, affiliate marketing, and even starting or participating in social groups and fan pages. Posting and engaging with your audience will get you results, just talk about whatever it is you want to be heard. For advanced users be sure you are using some sort of call to action, and fully utilize the funnel. So get out there get posting and look forward to our post on promoting on Facebook.  When driving please wait until you reach your destination to use Facebook.

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