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Make Money Using Rabadaba – The Social Media Platform That Pays You.

Looking to make money with your smartphone? Why not try the “social media alternative” Rabadaba. The social media smartphone app praises itself to be more beneficial to it’s users by actually paying it’s members for interacting with other people and by posting their own photos, videos, audio. Basically anything you can do on other social media sites, you can do on Rabadaba except you will be earning money real money by doing so. Taking photos with our smartphone and sharing is something we all do daily. Why not have at least a chance to make some money doing so?

Rabadaba has changed the monetization structure and added a daily “live” contest. In the live contest users have the chance to win money based on votes by other users. Rabadaba picks who actually gets into the contest and users are required to  upload ORIGINAL content, as in their own photos or original art which they have done. NO google images, no STOCK images, everything must be created by you. If you upload images you didn’t create, either Rabadaba or other users will find them and you can lose your account. They want you to enjoy being  a “photographer”,  and enjoy being able to share my your with others as well as being able to see and enjoy the work they share.

At Rabadaba, self created original content is what the community appreciates and is rightfully so a requirement. Authenticity and genuineness is what counts. As the majority of users use the smartphone app, it is fine to upload images and photos taken with your smartphone. Use 1920×1440 for best quality, but you can upload in smaller sizes if you have limitations on your smartphone upload size. We have seen mixed reviews, but one thing is for sure, Rabadaba has friendly admins who host an attractive daily contest. Love it o hate it you have to actually applaud the app for turning the tables and actually allowing it’s members to actually earn money with their smartphones. The payouts will fluctuate with all apps as they grow in users, so all we can do is hope for the best. As with any app that pays you, be sure read all of the rules after you download the app and enjoy!




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