CheckPoints Smartphone App| Get Paid While Shopping


CheckPoints Smartphone App| Get Paid While Shopping

Make money with your smartphone by launching the widely used smartphone app that pays you to scan items while shopping , checking into local businesses , watching videos – one of our favorites, taking short quizzes and more. Save up your points earned or cash them in for gift cards from the likes of  Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart and many more. Tested on several devices the app runs smoothly yet seems to perform and earn at a higher rate with the newer high end mobile devices, which is expected of most apps that pay you. Downloading is simple, so be sure to get checkpoints today by clicking the link below and our special  BONUS CODE:smartphonemoney for 50 FREE STARTER POINTS.

CheckPoints App – Android

CheckPoints App – iTunes

checkpoints-smartphonemoneyThe Checkpoints Smartphone App also allows you to watch videos where you can easily earn  up to 100 points per day simply by watching videos. They are pretty much movie and mobile app trailers but hey we usually watch these anyway to learn about hot new apps anyway. Talk about easy earning, we have seen several other apps with this same feature but the CheckPoints  Smartphone App seems to have nailed it. We were really impressed with the point count accuracy and the flawless auto load feature which has yet to boot us out. Which is one thing we noticed on some of the other apps that pay you for watching videos. There are no complaints here.


Here is just a little sample of the types of gift cards that you can earn with your smartphone through the CheckPoints Smartphone App . As you know we love pretty much any app that will offer up amazon gift cards as they are pretty much as good as cash, being that the amazon marketplace is huge and the delivery process is second to none. Same goes for Walmart, we can pretty much buy anything. While we were unable to find a complete list so we could link to it, you can pretty much believe that they pretty much offer a ton of retailers and definitely no less than the next app that pays you.


Another way to make money with your smartphone using the CheckPoints Smartphone App is their games secction. You can literally risk it all and win big or lose it all trying, the choice is yours. All we can tell you is that you can’t win if you don’t play, lol. Currently they offer a slot style game which is self explanatory, spinn the wheel and hope for a match. There is also a scratch off style lotto game where, you guessed it. You simply rub your screen like you were scratching a lottery ticket and if you win your points can rack up big. One tip – don’t get greedy. We really like this feature in fact my mom is always asking me if she can have a go scratching to win. But it does take the seriousness of making money with your smartphone and make it enjoyable, especially when you win big. The largest payout we have seen online is  150K points as well as some Louis Vuitton items. Dang, not bad.


The CheckPoints Smartphone App seems to be doing really well and we agree fully with the buzz and are proud of them for enabling everyone to make money with smartphones. Check out this image below of the company advertising in a grocery store which bring us to  to our final yet voted most popular features which are checking in and scanning items.


The checking in feature will literally award you points of different denomination for simply walking into a business and checking in! Talk about an easy way to earn whilst bored. It is geo-targeted which means it will show you check-in opportunities near you. And once checked in at let’s say at a local Target store, you can be presented with a few items to scan for even more points.  The CheckPoints Smartphone App comes highly recommended by if you haven’t downloaded it do so now and remember to use the BONUS CODE: smartphonemoney for 50 FREE STARTER POINTS on CheckPoints Smartphone App.

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