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Mobile App Monetization.

There aren’t too many dedicated companies around that focus purely on getting apps to the top and there definitely isn’t an abundance of Mobile App Advertising platforms that run as smoothly as Appnext.  We were impressed by this standalone , self serve platform that allow advertisers and publishers the opportunity to promote in either direction in an easy, optimal setting in a matter of minutes. They like are focused on helping mobile businesses succeed through exposure through the fairly modern app advertising world or like we call it word of screen.

App Monetization
App Monetization

Appnext delivers a span of tools aimed at developers like API to SDK which of course enables mobile platform native ad designs or they can simply choose any of the pre loaded ad units. Developers love freedom of design canvases and the ability to work around native ads ensuring the end product not only looks good but actually grabs the pair of eyes looking at the screen and engages a call for action.  They boast a developer base of over 15,000 and we were stunned to see that these guys are pushing out ads to an audience  responsible for more than 7 billion app requests.

So how does this translate into ways to make money with your smartphone? Well simply put, given the category shopping apps, are responsible for getting you the app user to buy a certain product by use of ads that promise to save you a buck or two. And in some situations there are the apps that we love, which not only save you money but actually reward you through rebates or gift cards. And we love gift cards and shopping apps for that matter.  So the mobile app monetization industry is not only growing it is booming so much that google has shown steady vertical interest growth for app monetization since Februrary 2012 and currently in July 2015 it has an interest rating of 93. <— which is good!

Running ads in 230 countries with 350 million users, and dozens of media partners it is easy to see why the growth has continued. The platform delivers a detailed robust  360° view of your mobile app monetization — the apps you promote, the bids they pay,
the revenue you make with each partner. So if you are looking to make some money or promote your newly developed app or existing app DO NOT hesitate! Head over to the website and pay them a visit, you’ll be happy you did. We love to see others taking part in the make money with your smartphone and smartphone apps experience. Know of other ways to make money with smartphones or smartphone apps, let us know. Go Mobile App Monetization.

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