Below we’ve compiled some of the best apps and social media tools you can use to make money with using your smartphone. Whether your are running a mobile campaign or integrating with desktop marketing tools, even running your own mobile marketing business, these tools will give you the best edge and put you on the right track to really make money with your smartphone. The list is updated frequently and we do real, personal experience reviews you can find in our blog, or in our free newsletter. These are highly effective tools to both make money with your smartphone and market to smartphone users. We believe that these two should co-exist to bring in maximum profits. Remember the game is changing are you ready?

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FB Power

FB Power is the best training software available, that will show you how to actually pull in more traffic not only to your facebook page, but also your website. Don’t have a website? Well if you have a facebook page then you do now. Access the little known secrets like SEO, social plugin apps, viral marketing though groups, even how to Become a Professional Timeline Style Facebook Page Expert, or Facebook Marketing Consultant. Hundreds of thousands of marketers are using these same techniques to pull in massive profits on the fly. Access the software anywhere with the Multi-Platform FBPower Mobile App. Once you establish a powerful presence on facebook the power literally rests in the palm of your hands, upload a post, make money add a banner here, make more money. There’s even Bonus Twitter Content!







ProfitsGram was created with ease of use in mind. In fact, it is one of the main reasons their loyal members continuously praise the system every day. They are just blown away by how easy it which is why it’s one of the best apps you can make money with. An Instagram account and a smartphone will get you going. You’ll be amazed at the goldmine you’ve been sitting on all this time! Make money with your smartphone is as easy as transforming your Instagram account into a money-making machine. Promoting fun, fun and more fun is what this system does best. Instagram is all about doing what you love and sharing it with the world. We just add some cash into the mix and let our members carry on doing what they love.Don’t be surprised if after following our easy step-by-step system you are making smartphone money totaling $50 a day. That’s what members make each day, on average.




MBCMedium2Mobile Banner Creator

Making Mobile Apps has never been as easy as it is in this day and age, and making mobile banners is just as easy. With Mobile Banner Creator you can create click, drag, and drop banners with absolutely no tech or design skills whatsoever. This innovative new program allows you to convert templates and instantly get more clicks,leads and sales from any campaign you create. Making and saving all of your banners can be conveniently stored in one place for easy access. This program is FREE (for a limited time), and they will pay you money just for sharing with family, friends , co-workers.

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Paid Social Media Jobs

Look, we are all visiting social media websites or using apps like Facebook and Twitter at least 2-3 some of us 10-20 times a day, right. Why not get paid while visiting these sites. There is money to be made and more and more people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Hundreds of jobs are being posted as we speak. All you need to do is complete the job and get paid. You may have to upload a video here or a picture there or comment and get likes and followers and you will be paid real cash directly into your PayPal account. Not only that, there are also numerous companies that are willing to send you free products to use, rate, or review. How sweet is that. Make money with your smartphone it’s easier than ever. Checkout the website for all the details.






Find Your Niche

Find a niche that has low competition, but is ranking well. That is the key, most people jump into a niche where the competition is too high. But this application shows you exactly what you need to know when going mobile and its easy to read and use. It has a simple red, yellow, and green light system and when you see green, it’s time to go. It also will show you the best choices to make fo any keyword you choose don’t fight for ranking, pave your own way . This is a great weapon that will assist you to Make Money With Your Smartphone. * Note: Software requires a valid Adwords account. If you don’t have one it’s a simple sign up process. We highly recommend this tool to anyone whether new or experienced. It’s definitely one of the best apps you can make money with. It will take the guesswork out of knowing whether your mobile niche will perform well. Good luck and get earning with your smartphone!





Take Surveys For Cash

Believe it or not, there is a science to making money taking surveys, especially via smartphone. The guys and gals over at Take Surveys For Cash .com have exposed the absolute best method we have seen when it comes to actually making some pretty good money. What really separates the company from other paid survey sites is that they realize that everybody starts small making little to no money taking surveys, so they will teach you and incentivize the process giving away monthly gifts to members all paid for by the research firms, and at the same time rewarding newbies by paying you $50.00 just for taking your first survey. They are serious and mean business with the surveys. They have figured out how to capitalize on the millions of dollars that the largest companies are dishing out daily for opinions, reviews, and even complaints. All of this information has been used to develop most of the products we see in the marketplace today. At the time of this review the current members bonus is a free 3day/2night vacation. See website for details and remember these change monthly. Get started today and Take Surveys For Cash.





AppsZero is an automated App-Building Software that helps you to build an application in just a few clicks of the mouse.
It doesn’t matter what your background or experience level is with the help of this software you can build a mobile app around your product or niche within a few minutes using their intuitive templates suite. Or completely customize your app uploading your own images, backgrounds, buttons and more. This is something that you can use to develop your mobile app for your business or scale up to develop multiple mobile apps for clients, launching yourself into a mobile apps solutions provider in your spare time and then go full-time as you grow. With this software you can tap into an underdeveloped marketplace, and start capitalizing on it. You don’t have to write codes, you don’t have to hire developers, you don’t have to run beta groups to test your software.  It’s all there for you already, ready-to-use. It’s that Simple! And even more, you can have apps published directly to the marketplaces like Google Play and The App Store instantly. Monetizing your apps is a breeze with integration from the likes of Ad-Mob and more. We use AppsZero and highly recommend you do to.

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