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From: The Desk Of Rick Annaru
RE: Can I Make Money Using My Smartphone?

This is the question a lot of people started asking, including myself, once technology advanced with the release of micro super computers, or smartphones as us normal folk call them. We were impressed with the email handling capabilities, photography and video features they provided. But once social media started becoming native to the devices we were absolutely blown away by the possibilities of not only launching a business in any niche, but the ability to maintain it. According to a recent study by TecMark the average smartphone user typically uses their phone 3.16 hours a day equivalent to almost 1 full day a week. So why not use that time to generate some cash, right?

“You Can Make Money With Your Smartphone, And We Can Show You How. Today.”

  • Can you imagine being able to log into your accounts make necessary changes on the fly with the convenience of a smartphone? And watch you business grow throughout the day? There’s nothing like receiving “APN’s” or Automatic Payment Notifications directly to your smartphone. The audible notifications are the sound of success. It’s literally like receiving a text saying “You’ve Got Money!” So promoting a hot product or niche may just force you to set that thing to vibrate!

  • You can bring in multiple income streams simply by duplicating the whole process in different niches over and over again. I’m not going to tell you that you will become an instant millionaire overnight like a lot of other programs do, but depending on the demand of your product, it is certainly possible to make a decent amount of money – possibly even enough to tell your boss sayonara. The internet is always with you, now, 24hrs a day 7 days a week. And for the very first time in history51% of the developed world has access to to the web from a mobile device. Not just access….but Mobile Access!

  • Look I’m not going to bore you & tell you a life story where I was down to my last dime, or I had just lost my house or any of the other BS stories floating around that try to make people believe that if said person succeeded from their horrible situation, then anyone who purchases their product would be highly likely to achieve maximum success. Hey, I am just as guilty as I too have fallen for it over and over again as well. So I promise to keep this short as possible and to the business point. No rubbish. I will tell you 2 things though. 1.) You can make money with your smartphone and 2.) You can get started today!




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Yeah we offer a deep product (Over $285 Value) that covers more than probably the last 4 programs you’ve purchased combined and serve it up at a lower price than we probably should. Not to mention the 6, that’s right 6 bonuses that are jam packed with knowledge that you can apply to any niche. You will not find a bigger, better product on Making Money With Your Smartphone. And for a limited time we have slashed our $47 intro price!

Remember, the more people that actually succeed with the program, the more popular Making Money With Your Smartphone becomes. And the more popular Making Money With Your Smartphone Becomes, the more people will succeed! It’s kind of like an ecosystem being born through a snowball effect. So when you succeed, everyone else succeeds and vise versa. Lets push this success snowball over the top of the mountain, and marvel as it changes the world around us, power to the people!

Many of life’s Failures were people who did not realize how close they were to success when they finally gave up.” Thomas A. Edison


Look, times are changing as more people are participating and engaging like never before, we predict that one day, either all smartphones will be absolutely free or the services will be dirt cheap. Gone are the days where consumers can be over charged for anything. And we Likey! This allows everyone participate on a level playing field, and brings out the creativity and fight (competition) in us all.

“Relax, And Enjoy The No Worries Guarantee”

If you do not absolutely agree that our program is the best on the block, and you feel that you have put your best foot forward yet for whatever reason wish to throw in the towel, we will always honor our promise that our product is backed by a 30 day, no worries money back guarantee. Simply send us an email and that’s it, we will process your refund immediately.


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Smartphone Income Success Exposed

Smartphones Are A Lot More Exciting As Business Tools!

This has been an exciting launch of the program and are proud to be involved in the success of other marketers, which is why we only integrate the latest technologies geared towards your successes. We have a great support and design team so you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. We will provide top level support to all, and answer any questions you may have technical or billing related. We know what it takes, and we are willing to get you there!

So go ahead and order right now, We know you’ll be happy you did.


“You have the chance to make a great decision, and finally break the chains. Please don’t let this true opportunity pass you by. Do not give up on yourself.”



Rick Annaru

P.S. If there is any one offer on the internet that you that you will absolutely regret not giving a shot, this has to be it. We ourselves have tried many, and will not mention names as that is unethical but we have yet to see anything come close to the value of this program. So at $17.00 This is the real deal.

P.P.S. Remember you are completely protected by the 30 day – no worries, no questions asked, single line email stating you want a refund, and your $17.00 is back into your account the next day, *dependent on your banks policies, not ours. Now that is peace of mind!

P.P.P.S. Look if I still have your attention, here at the bottom of this page then you ARE READY to learn. And that’s something many students never pick up. Look, me and my team have put together only the best of what the web has to offer, and you deserve it. Next time someone sees you flapping through your phone, smiling, they’re gonna wanna know why 😉

See You – On The Inside!

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