Instant Rewards – Cross Platform Smartphone Cash


Instant Rewards – Cross Platform Smartphone Cash

Okay so we have been using instant rewards now for about 3 months and like the simplicity of the program. It is a referral based system that just simply does what it says. They bring multiple exclusive offers to the table and when someone signs up for and accumulates enough points, which is not hard to achieve at all, you receive an instant cash deposit into your paypal account. You can also request a paper check or even request a custom prize if you do not want money, like an ipad for example, anything under the sun, you request it and they will set your limits to achieve.

Sounds like a good opportuinity to earn smartphone cash right! So here is where things get interesting. They have multiple programs (18 at last count) that offer anything from $20 to $120 in Paypal credit,  laptops, and even giftcards from Target, Walmart and Gamefly. They really do have one of the better rewards systems we have seen just keep in mind that the offers that reward the bigger prizes also come with a little more difficult referral opportunity. Meaning possibly a higher cost for a product or service but it is in all fairness most people don’t have an issue signing up for something they are in the market for anyway. Jump on board here : Instant Rewards Sign Up

Instant Rewards – Cross Platform Smartphone Cash

At fist impression the site was a little awkward when visiting from a smartphone, however recently they have upgraded their mobile site and let me tell you that their new layout is not only awesome but it is fast. And when we are looking to make money with our smartphone nothing seals the deal and earns smartphone cash like an app that is both cross platform and responsive. If you are a loyal follower of us here at you know how we feel about cross platform. It gains the users trust and says ” This looks and feels like a great opportunity”

The last but not least reason we like instant rewards, is because you can actually get bonuses for showing that you have made money in their proof gallery. That’s right earn smartphone cash by showing others that you in fact do earn smartphone cash! This is their current promotion : From now until the end of the month, up to 25 users can receive a $20 bonus just for posting a proof pic in our proof pic gallery. The proof pic must be from a payment received this month. To qualify, post your proof either in the desktop version of the proof pic gallery:  Ready, Set, Go :  Instant Rewards Sign Up

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