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make-smartphone-money-slidejoy-appSlidejoy – Lock Screen Rewards

Here is an great app that, contrary to what many might believe due to the apps control over your lock screen, is very well built and  non intrusive.  If you are one who loves to keep up with what’s trending in the world this really has an awesome news feed. Making money with your smartphone could not be easier, and the Slidejoy app portrays an certain elegance about it.

The user interface is also, built with the end user in mind. The controls are quite simple: You unlock our phone as you would normally do, and you will be presented with a full screen “card”. Cards are basically ads, but like we said, the developers don not want you to feel like you are being bombarded with cheesy advertisements. You can Slide Left – to get more about the card, Slide Up –  to see another card, Slide Right – to proceed to your normal home screen.  So earning from the app actually involves no “opening” the app, as it is already right there, bringing you the latest and greatest. Really one of the great Android apps that pay you.

Making money with your smartphone using Slidejoy doesn’t depend on how interactive you are with the app, meaning how many screen unlocks you do and how many cards you visit. You are paid a flat rate in “rent” so it doesn’t matter how many news stories or promotions you view or click, you still receive that flat rate. I always end up following the trends so I’ll catch up on the happening during coffee.
They have also recently integrated an offer wall which allows you to earn at a higher rate by completing various partner downloads, visits, etc. You do need to earn the right to participate by earning 100 carats, or one dollar. This took me 2.5 days with normal usage.

Overall we really like the app and we also love what they are doing, these guys will be around for a long time. They believe, as we do that , everyone should have a free opportunity to make money with their smartphone. They  “want to make mobile service, apps and devices free for the world” and who can blame them right? Making money with your smartphone can and will leverage the playing field!

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