Perk TV


Make Money Watching Videos and Trailers

Perk TV –  an app that can be downloaded on Android or Apple, and is also available on Androids Tablets and iPads. Signing up is simple, but you will be required to provide Name, Phone number and Address. However

Once your signed up, you just start watching videos, movie trailers, video game app trailers and earning points. You earn 4 points for every two videos. I know what your thinking its going to take a lot of time and effort to rack up any kind of points, but I am here to tell you it really is quite simple. After you click on the first video, you can just let them run. They usually last about two hours or so, and then you can go to the next category. Now, you may not have to watch them all, but you will be asked on occasion “Are you still there?” Click yes and continue earning points.

Every 1000 points you earn equals $1 USD. Which doesn’t seem like much, but what if I told you Perk allows you to have multiple phones on one account? Well they do, you can have as many as 5 phones. I’m not saying go out and buy phones just for the purpose of making money, but if your kids have an android or your wife, why not benefit from it? I picked up a Android phone for ten bucks at Wal-Mart and use that just for Perk. This is a spare device that I use strictly to make money watching videos and trailers.

Perk points add up, and when you are ready, redeem your Perk points for gift cards. Amazon cards are the most popular, but they have Target, Starbucks, iTunes the list of cards is pretty impressive , I doubt you’re going to have a hard time finding something you like. Use referral code f1af153a and get 50 bonus points to kickstart your earnings!

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