Earn Viggle Points With Your Smartphone

Earn Viggle Points With Your Smartphone

While we have shied away from the app for some time, and even received some requests from members to begging for Viggle to re-instate its gift card program. Well we  have finally found it in our hearts to include them on the quest to make money with your smartphone. We have an appreciation for the app model itself, and while they do not technically pay out in PayPal credit or gift cards, they do save you some coin on ebooks, audio books, music and TV related.  We also have an appreciation on the amount of advertising dollars Viggle has spent on TV and Radio. This translates into a “We are not going anywhere” statement and we like that about Viggle. It runs parallel with making money with you smartphone, so without further a due, here is how you can earn Viggle Points With Your Smartphone.

So basically you can download the app here for Apple users : Viggle – App Store and for all you Android users get Viggle here : Viggle – Play Store and the process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is use the Viggle app whenever you’re watching TV or listening to music and you Earn Vigle Points With Your Smartphone. The main features of the app are as follows:


*You can “Check in” to ANY TV SHOW or MATCH ANY SONG to earn Viggle Points

*You can Open Viggle daily to find featured shows and songs for 4X, 6X, 15X points

*You can Play along with real-time trivia and fantasy sports, or buy music, to score even more points

*You can Set custom show reminders so you never miss a chance to earn Viggle Points

*You can Redeem points on Viggle.com to get all your favorite TV shows, movies, music, ebooks and audiobooks

*Score gift cards, electronics and more on the Viggle app

The last feature has been highlighted in red because apparently this is either no longer an option or is undergoing a re vamping process, according to outraged members.  Once we receive final confirmation from Viggle you guys will be the first to know. Remember you can still Earn Viggle points With Your Smartphone. We know you members love to make money with your smartphone, and we can only hope Viggle will come around. It is an awesome app, and with it’s member base constantly growing there’s no reason they should migrate what made them successful in the first place. Members making money with their smartphones


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