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Earn Free Google Play Store Money! Hey there smartphone money makers! While our site is primarily geared towards making real money or at least gift cards redeemable for physical products, we have a great option for Android users only, looking to earn free play store money for future purposes. The Google Play Rewards App allows users to install the app and basically answer a short 1-8 question survey and get rewarded, or not, for doing so. Let me explain, once you have the app installed you will get sort of a test survey, and receive a small credit for interacting with the app.

Then every so often – it’s kind of unpredictable and random when you will receive surveys because, we believe the app hunts out surveyors dependent on when publishers actually conduct research surveys. Now these can be age based, GEO location based and even gender based. Now while you do not give out personal information, Google has a way of pairing up publishers with the right audience. Trust that your earning and information is in good hands as we all know that Google takes their monetization and apps seriously. So let’s earn free Google Play Store Money shall we.

It’s pretty simple. Them more questions you get the more money you will get for completing the survey. Now there is a chance that from time to time you will get a survey that pays zip, zero – nothing. This may be Google making sure you’re not in bot mode? Who knows, but its well worth having the app as a  way to make money with your smartphone in an ad-free manner. The Google Opinions Rewards App is still flying low under the radar but we give it a A+, well worth having. It’s easy to earn free Google Play Store Money and buy other apps or tools, books, and movies you’ve been wanting to check out but didn’t want to pay $5.99 for it.

Here’s a helpful tip. Always answer the surveys to the best of your knowledge. Lying will not get you more surveys and you’re kind of defeating the purpose of the research efforts. Make sure your google wallet account is correct or you will be shorting yourself earnings. You love using that credit towards in-app purchases. Now you can finally upgrade! LOL We hope you will find this post worthwhile it is a slightly different angle but we feel it’s worthy so enjoy and make money with your smartphone and use it on your smartphone, in this case and Earn Free Google Play Store Money.

Head over to the Google Play Store and get started today – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.paidtasks&hl=en


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